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Episode 82: Season Five Kickoff

Episode 81: Summer Break 2023

Episode 80: Crystal and Jon Present for AROSA

Episode 79: Make It Better: What We Want to see at NAMM & the CVESD VAPA Festival

Episode 78: Let's Talk About 4th-6th Grade

Episode 77: Speaking Our Value: Kirsten Oberoi On Rethinking Paradigms

Episode 76: Hold Up: Let's Catch Up

Episode 75: Why Magnet Charts Suck and What Works Better

Episode 74: Bunker Babies: Why are the Kids Losing it More Than Usual?

Episode 73: AOSA Conference 2022 Recap

Episode 72: Pursuing Excellence with Josh Southard

Episode 71: Engaging with Disengaged Kiddos

Episode 70: Catchin' Up on Our Systems

Episode 69: She Looks Like Family: Tiffany Barry on Supporting Teachers of Color

Episode 68: How 2021-22 Wrapped up with Marc Keehmer

Episode 67: Darlene & Nora 2: What Really Is SEL & How Do We Use It?

Episode 66: Darlene & Nora 1: How to be Advocates & Set Boundaries

Episode 65: Michelle Chan on Relationships, Race, & Weird Noises

Episode 64: Beg, Borrow, and Steal Your Way to Great Teaching

Episode 63: Elements of a Great Teacher

Episode 62: Jesse Rogers 2: Bringing MIDI into the Classroom

Episode 61: Jesse Rogers 1: The Future of Music Education is NOT Traditional Ensembles

Episode 60: Stuff We Didn’t Learn In Our Undergrad Or Credential Programs

Episode 59: Absences and COVID Protocols and Sub Shortages Oh My!

Episode 58: Jessandra and Leah p.2 - 1st Year Teaching in a Pandemic

Episode 57: Jessandra And Leah p.1- When Your 1st Year Teaching Is Online

Episode 56: The 3 Layers of Culture

Episode 55: Back to the Basics

Episode 54: Processing Stress and Overwhelm

Episode 53: Winter Wrap-up 2021

Episode 52: Burnout Resistance and SEL

Episode 51: AOSA Conference 2021

Episode 50: Classroom Management During a Pandemic

Episode 49:  The One Where Marc Says Goodbye

Episode 48:  Anticipations for the Coming Year 2021

Episode 47:  What Do General Music Teachers Actually Do?

Episode 46:  Covid is Clearing, How We Doing? 

Episode 45:  What Support Do Teachers Need to Pull this Off?

Episode 44:  What Do We Do About Concert Season?

Episode 43:  Manju Durairaj

Episode 42:  Thoughts For The Year

Episode 41:  David Frego

Episode 40:  New School Year!

Episode 39: Melissa Salguero

Episode 38: Ondrya Leavitt

Episode 37: Christa Crawford Valency - Quarantined Chaos

Episode 36: Lauren Shelton - Where Do Go From Here? - Quarantined Chaos

Episode 35: Noelle Vitor on Mental Health - Quarantined Chaos 5

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Episode 34: Victoria Boler - Quarantined Chaos 4

Episode 33: Imposter Syndrome Quarantined Chaos 3

Episode 32: Quarantined Chaos 2

Episode 31: Quarantined

Episode 30: Coping with COVID-19 and Coronavirus

Episode 29: A Day in the Life

Episode 28: Steve Pandis

Episode 27: Impact Vs. Intent- Problematic Folk Music

Episode 26: Jesse Rogers

Episode 25: Teaching Through Life Transitions

Episode 24: Caitlin Mehta

Episode 23: The Emotional Cycle of Planning a Concert

Episode 22: Maya Diaz

Episode 21: Planning

Episode 20: Hans Chamberlain

Episode 19: AOSA Conference Diversity & Inclusion

Episode 18: AOSA Conference Debrief

Episode 17: Self Care for Teachers

Episode 16: Victoria Boler

Episode 15: Classroom Management

Episode 14: Sandra Camarena

Episode 13: Arts Integration

Episode 12: Sasha Stone

Episode 11: School Culture

Episode 10: Lowri Casimiro

Episode 09: Growing Pains

Episode 08: Social Media

Episode 07: Zoe Kumagai

Episode 06: Collaboration Concert

Episode 05: Jonathan Seligman

Episode 04: Orff

Episode 03: Marc Keehmer

Episode 02: Something From Nothing

Episode 01:  Crystal Pridmore

Episode 00:  Prelude—              Lauren Shelton